Do you have your own mood lighting now, because, frankly, the accent is enough.

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doctor who tv 8.04 twelve clara oswald finally /finally!/ tbh clara isn't really my favorite companion even though i understand all the good points about her and i've kept quite about it cause i couldn't really figure out why if it's because amy was the first face my fangirl heart saw or if it's cause i still want someone like donna to come along or if it's because i really liked souffle girl and i was just getting the hang of eleven and clara and then we got twelve and then robots of sherwood (blah) but this - this episode was just really good for both twelve and clara can we get more of the both of them like this please

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G A N G S T E R S of S.H.I.E.L.D.
AOS AU: 1940's Gangster Era

W A N T E D:

Philip Coulson - Boss of gang network called SHIELD (Following Nicholas Fury’s disappearance) . Most powerful figurehead of Underground gang systems.  

Melinda May - Lethal Assassin. Longtime partner/consigliere of Coulson (Resulting in their daughter Skye). 

Skye May-Coulson - Communications Hacker. Rebellious yet allegiant and is a true prodigy of SHIELD.   

Grant Ward - Deadly Killer. Previously affiliated with John Garrett (Highly ranked and renowned leader in underground gang system). Word goes around he has eyes for the Boss’ daughter.

Leopold Fitz - Technical/Gadgets Genius. Generally humorous yet serious when it comes to weaponry and technology. 

Jemma Simmons - Science Intelligence Asset and mastermind. Prim-and-Proper yet cryptic other half of Fitz.

agents of shield au aos au gangster au oh i like this i really do phil coulson melinda may skye grant ward leo fitz jemma simmons

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Agents of SHIELD commentary: Co-executive producer/writer Paul Zbyszewski, and actors Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker on “FZZT”. 

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agents of shield tv bts commentary leo fitz iain de caestecker jemma simmons elizabeth henstridge there's got to be a way i can watch the commentaries without getting the dvd look at you two iain confirming that fitz doesn't believe it and elizabeth confirming that he is my precious science babies otp: you've been beside me the whole damn time otp: every minute of every day fitzsimmons

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"You’re in a car with a beautiful boy,
and he won’t tell you that he loves you,
but he loves you.”

Fitzsimmons AU

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agents of shield jemma simmons leo fitz fstag fitzsimmons fitzsimmons au au elizabeth henstridge iain de caestecker roadtrip series well... i say series but i'm really just working on another one that's supposed to be a companion to this one and two probably doesn't count as a series my precious science babies i'm so excited that they're coming back !!! otp: you've been beside me the whole damn time otp: every minute of every day mine mine: edits please don't repost

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fx you're the worst tv edgar quintero gretchen cutler jimmy shive-overly i just stumbled on this today cause of a post on my dash and.. let's just say i'm pretty confident i'll have caught up with all the nine episodes by tonight lol edgar is my absolute favorite btw and i'm so tempted to make edits for this show cause asjdhflgkjfdslck i need more people watching this but also my external is probably going to start crying once i start downloading the 720p versions of this fangirl problems what can i say cackling

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it is the exact opposite of alone.

my favourite, MY FAVOURITE, 'we are objects in the night sky outside of time', i don’t ship jane/thor in the case of a relationship between two people perse?, it doesn’t really appeal to me really but the idea of the two of them as archetypes is fascinating, the idea of jane as the brightest and boldest of humanity, as the cartographer of the heavens, and thor as the bright unrelenting glory of the universe, elemental and unknowable in his glory and in his godhood, and how a girl on earth gazing into the heavens, loved the stars so much that they loved her back, thor, jane foster, space viking king lear,

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it is the exact opposite of alone.

a softer avenger a softer marvel asw thor jane foster those tags are golden everything i feel about thor and jane into words i never even know how to explain

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